Software Architecture Consultancy

Designing Software Development processes there are 4 basic questions:


1-How will the architecture of the software be?
2-Which methodology will be used?
3-How and on which platforms will we run the application?
4-How will we ensure the continuity of the application?


With the more intensive use of microservice architecture, the question of “How will we transform our applications in monolithic architecture into microservice architecture?” has become one of the most fundamental issues.


Architectural consultancy/implemetation services and installation, management and field services of the platforms within the scope of writing new applications in microservice architecture or converting monolithic applications to microservice architecture are provided by LocalUS.

Open Source Database Services

Active-Passive cluster design, encryption features, failover / failback operations and backup operations are some of the issues encountered in the use of PostgreSQL databases .

To solve this issues we provide architectural design, installation and field support services of databases built on the solution we created with ManageUS and Diamanti.